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Search Engine Optimization is a service that has evolved over time.  Getting your site to rank to Google and other search engines is no easy task.  The SEO service we offer will focus your website on the keywords\phrases you want to rank for.

We have an ongoing process that includes the following:

  • Product\Services\Market discovery – We get to know you, your product\service and who your customers are.
  • Keyword\Phrase analysis – We at your customers search behaviors, keyword volume metrics and keyword competition to figure out what to optimize for.
  • Onsite Optimization – We make sure your site is focused on the keywords we are targeting.  If you do not have landing pages for each keyword, we will create them
  • Offsite Optimization – This includes making sure your websites directory listings are in order and focused on the keywords we are optimizing for.
  • Social Optimization and Strategy – Your social sites will also be addressed to make sure they are in line with the overall optimization strategy.  A strategy for regular posts and audience building will help build links and drive traffic to your site.
  • Content Generation – Ongoing onsite and offsite content generation is the key to building links to your website.  Whether we are creating linkbait or writing blogs for other topically similar sites, we will be make sure your product\service is getting attention.

We have had great success with over 15 years of experience.  Pricing for this type of service is based on many factors including competition, timeframe and scope of keywords.  Call us today to discuss your Search Engine Optimization needs.


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