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What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the practice of engaging with social media sites in a way that will generate interest about your products or services and ultimately lead to new customers.   Social Media Marketing also allows you you to build and maintain relationships with existing customers.

In order to develop a solid Social Media Marketing plan you need to determine who to post to (audience), where to post (platform), what to post (content) and how often to post (frequency).

Define Your Audience

Social Media Marketing allows you to target customers using demographic information so detailed that you can make sure only users that are interested in your products or services  will see your posts.  This level of accuracy reduces overall costs and increase your ROI.

Social Platforms

There are several social platforms that all have various features and audiences.   For instance, Facebook is a platform that ALL businesses should be using.  Linked In is a platform that works well for B2B companies and Instagram is a platform that works well for companies that produce visual media.  Twitter like a megaphone can be amplified by followers and can be directed at niche audiences to inform (about your awesome content or promotions), entertain (humorous cometary and memes) and discuss (showcase your expertise) topics that are interesting to your audience.  Choosing the right platforms and how to create synergy between them is what we do.

Awesome Content

Developing content that will interest your audience is a key element to successful social media strategies.  When content is good, engagement (shares, likes, follows, comments) happens.  When users engage, you win.  We will work with you to develop articles, memes, videos or infographics that will excite your current fans and help curate new ones.

Post Frequency

How often you post should be carefully considered.  It is better to post quality then quantity. The goal is to inform and entertain, not overwhelm and annoy.

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